Theory and Conventions


M J Bridge



K J T 9 6 4

7 4

Q 5

J 8 2

Opponents opened 1NT (strong).

Bid 2.

Partner will usually bid 2 which you will correct to 2.

A 4

K 5

K Q T 9 6 4

J 8 2

Opponents opened 1NT (strong).

3 is possible particularly when not vulnerable.

Alternatively pass, and hope to take some tricks in defence.

T 6

A K 7 4

K 5

Q T 6 3 2

Opponents opened 1NT (strong).

Double, promising a four-card major and a longer minor.

The continuations will be found in the section on advancer.

A K 9 7 4

Q 4

K Q T 6 3


Opponents opened 1NT (strong).

Bid 2, showing spades and a minor.

Advancer’s next bid

Multi Landy

This convention is similar to Landy in as much as the 2 overcall promises 5-4 or 4-5 in the majors.

It also bears some resemblance to the multi 2 in as much as the 2 overcall promises an unspecified major.

Other overcalls at the two-level are the same as in Cappelletti promising at least 5-5 shape in two suits.

So, we have:-

2      5-4 or 4-5 in hearts and spades;

2      5+ hearts or 5+ spades;

2      at least 5-5 in hearts and a minor;

2      at least 5-5 in spades and a minor;

2NT    at least 5-5 in the minors.

Double may be used in any one of a number of ways.

Recommended is to play it as strong against a weak no trump;

and promising a four-card major and a longer minor against a strong no trump;

but other allocations are possible.

If you play double as strong other bids will tend to be in the eleven to fifteen-point range, although this is not usually a requirement as such - that is more likely to be defined in terms of suit length,and quality.

With any other form of double the range for the suit bids will be a little wider.

Intermediate and above

My thoughts

I like this method - it finds a way of showing all the most competitive holdings at a low level.

However, there are a number of extended sequences to be learnt, and as such it is best suited to a fairly serious partnership.

For a simpler approach try either Asptro or Landy against a weak no trump and/or D.O.N.T. against a strong no trump.

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